What gives you relief from Meniere’s disease?

Although there isn’t a cure for Meniere’s disease, there are many things that help with the symptoms of it. Some of those are accepted by the medical industry and some aren’t. I would like to know what gives you relief from Meniere’s disease.

As soon as you are diagnosed with meniere’s your doctor will probably talk about sodium and how it affects your meniere’s. In my case the doctor gave me extensive paperwork on what to eat and especially what not to eat to keep my sodium (salt) level low. From what I have read it does help many people to lower their sodium level but unfortunately not me. Too much salt is usually lumped into the group called CATS; caffeine, alcohol, tobacco and salt. Cutting back on all these things is probably a good idea whether you have meniere’s or not.

After the sodium comes the medicine. The one that works the best for me is antivert. Whenever I feel an attack come on I take an antivert and most of the times (not always) it works. The medicine that I take every day is valium, which helps the blood circulation. I also take a supplement that contains ginkgo, niacin, Bioflavonoids, ascorbic acid (vitamin c), ginger root and a few other things. As I have posted about before the medical community for the most part doesn’t put much store in these types of supplements but I think they help.

Betaserc or betahistine, is recommended in other countries, usually not in the USA. The opinion of what works in this country seems to differ from what other countries see as effective options for meniere’s.

If the pills and the supplements don’t help, then it is time to consider the procedures. The procedure that I had was the gent injections as I wrote in the last post it seemed to help in my case.

Of course last but not least is surgery, from the least evasive to the total destruction of the inner ear. I would give any kind of surgery much thought and deliberation. I would definitely get at least another doctor’s opinion before going under the knife. At one point last year I considered surgery but I backed down and in my case I was glad I did. It bears repeating, get another doctor’s opinion.

I am sure that I missed some of things that can be done with meniere’s. I would appreciate any comments on things that have helped you with your meniere’s treatment. Please feel free to let me know.

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