5 Effective Candida Yeast Infection Diet Tips

Yeast infections are caused by a type of fungi called Candida, scientifically named as Candida Albicans. They can affect up to 75% of the world’s population and can appear on various parts of the body, more significantly on the genitals and the mouth. Fortunately, with the use of the right candida yeast infection diet tips, their evolution can be controlled and their effects on the body can be diminished. The food taken can influence the state of your body and a diet for yeast infection can genuinely increase your level of comfort when dealing with such a problem.

5 Effective Candida Yeast Infection Diet Tips

Here are 5 candida yeast infection diet tips that you should follow to get rid of them:

1) Low Sugar Intake

It has been scientifically proven that yeasts feed on sugar as their source of nutrient. When that happens, it will encourage the overgrowth of yeasts in your body and thus, yeast infection will occur. In order for your yeast infection to stop, you will have to cut down your intake on high sugar foods as this will stop the yeasts from multiplying any further.

As far as cereal goes, you can have small, unsweetened amounts of brown rice or millet. As a part of your yeast infection diet, you must remember to stay away from processed foods, and avoid culinary additives and preservatives.

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2) More Green Vegetables

A good candida diet relies on fresh vegetables, preferably those that are less starchy. Try to avoid carrots, potatoes, beet root or yams, because their composition of sugar is high and would work against your yeast infection diet. Take in more green vegetables. For variation in your diet, you can try to make a salad dressing based on sesame tahini, lemon juice and unrefined salt, mixed with some hot water.

Take note that fresh garlic and pumpkin seeds have strong anti-fungal properties and will therefore help fight the Candida. Olive oil, as well as pumpkin and sesame seeds also contain fatty acids, which are extremely effective in your fighting yeast infection. You can also try fresh celery, parsley and ginger root.

3) Add Probiotics Into Your Diet

Adding a small amount of foods that contain probiotics into your diet will help in your yeast infection cure. Probiotics are the good bacteria in a human body that have the ability to destroy yeasts. This is to prevent the yeasts from overpopulated. Foods such as yogurt contains a high source of probiotics and is the best choice of food for this purpose. You can also apply yogurt directly on body parts such as the genital areas that are affected by yeast infection. This can have an immediate effect on the affected area when compared to consuming yogurt.

4) Reduce Antibiotics Intake

Antibiotics are a yeast’s best friend as it will destroy the good bacteria in the human body. When good bacteria such as probiotics are significantly reduced, yeasts will be able to multiply more rapidly than ever before. In order to control yeasts, try not to consume any antibiotics if possible. However, if your medication requires you to consume antibiotics, try to see if there are any alternative to it.

5) Candida Control Diet from Yeast Infection No More

Yeast Infection No More is a holistic program which consists of a candida control diet that follows 6 dietary principles. In order to eliminate candida successfully, you must change its internal environment so that the yeast will not overgrow in your body. By changing your diet, you are able to achieve a candida-free life as soon as possible.

The success of yeast infection diet depends on the discipline in choosing the foods you consume. Consistency is the key in your journey towards the goal.

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