How Long Does A Yeast Infection Last?

Yeast infection is something every women experiences at least once in lifetime. Though it is quite common and often recurring in nature, people tend to ignore it until it becomes serious enough to be treated by doctor. It entirely depends upon the individual and the severity of infection as to how long yeast infection will last.  In some mild and very first time occurrence it can be treated in 2-3 days whereas in severe cases it may take months.

Yeast Infection Causes

In fact a majority of women who suffer from yeast infection for the first time, do not know what exactly yeast infection is. They simply ignore it assuming it to be simple itch in groin and allow it to spread very fast. Yeast is already present in human body especially in the groin area. The moment it starts multiplying very fast it turns into an infection called yeast infection.

If you are proactive and start taking over the counter drugs for it you will feel temporary relief. However it may recur if you stop the medication midway. In such cases yeast infection becomes recurring and takes month before it is fully cured.

The usual mistake every woman commits is taking anti biotic without prescription. Excess intake of antibiotics creates perfect condition for yeast infection to develop. Apart from this, fashionable undergarments made of nylon trap the air in groin area speeding up the formation of yeast infection.

How Long Does It Last

Yeast infection will last for months if you keep taking over the counter medicines which only provide you relief temporarily. It can be treated fairly quickly if you seek medical advice. Recently a lot of yeast infection programs have hit the market with positive feedback. An important feature of these treatments is that they are 100% natural which ensure that there will be no side effects at all, and healing will be quick and permanent.

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Recommended Yeast Treatment
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