What Are The Natural Cures For Yeast Infection?

Treating yeast infection is very easy if you can take some simple precautionary measures. For first timer it is always recommended to treat the infection from the root so that it does not start recurring. Yeast infection has a tendency to recur if not treated properly. This is exactly what many people do. Instead of finding out the reasons behind the yeast infection and curing it, they simply pick up any yeast infection cream and start self medication. This simply converts the infection into chronic yeast infection. Some are proactive and start treating it with natural cures. So what are the natural cures for yeast infection?

Home Cures For Yeast Infection

Our home, especially kitchen has all the natural cures for yeast infection, but due to ignorance we tend to avoid them. Apart from treatments, the types of clothes we wear are also very important in curing yeast infection.

Following are a few well known natural cures for yeast infection

  • Use mild solutions of apple cedar vinegar at the infected are. Garlic cloves can also be wrapped in gauze and inserted in the vagina for reducing the itchy sensation.
  • Yoghurt can be applied directly as well as consumed regularly for curing yeast infection from the root. Homemade yoghurt is also good , but the better ones are those that you find in supermarket with a label saying “active probiotics” or simply “probiotics”
  • Let your crotch breath. Do not wear tight underwear or tight trousers all the time. As yeast infection requires warmth to develop you are only creating good environment for them by not allowing fresh air in. Wear cotton underwear to ensure that yeast infection does not keep developing.

Finally make sure that you increase the intake of yoghurt in any form and reduce the intake of antibiotics. These two simple steps are sufficient to keep you yeast infection free.

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