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Anyone can be a victim of oral yeast infection. In fact, it happens to everyone — from babies to toddlers and even adults whose immune systems are weakened. Oral yeast infection is caused by an overpopulation of Candida Albicans or yeast in our body. Another name for oral yeast infection is called thrush.

It is perfectly normal for a healthy person to have a small amount of Candida present in the body’s system. The problem will only arise when there are chemistry changes in the body that favors the Candida, thus enabling it to multiply rapidly which will result in oral yeast infection. This can happen for various reasons which we will discuss next.

Commons Causes of Oral Yeast Infection

It varies between individuals but here are some of the most common causes of thrush:

  1. Use of medications such as corticosteroids, antibiotics and birth control pills
  2. Pregnancy, cancer, HIV, diabetes and dry mouth
  3. Smoking
  4. Improperly fitting dentures

As you can see from this list, majority of the causes of oral yeast infection have a direct relation to the immune system of the patient. A weakened immune system is prone to any type of yeast infection including oral yeast infection. It must be noted, however, that Candida Albicans is a normal resident inside our bodies and only when there is an overgrowth of this organism that our bodies become susceptible to infection.

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A telltale sign of oral yeast infection are lesions on the tongue. These lesions are creamy white in color and are slightly raised. They can also appear on your tonsils, gum or throat. The pain associated with them happens when the lesions are scraped from the mouth. Occasional bleeding may occur too.

3 Oral Yeast Infection Treatment Tips

To treat oral yeast infection effectively, it is important to think of this illness as not just based on the symptoms of pain, burning or itching. It is an immune system issue that must be dealt with by overhauling the way you live your life.

If you are smoker, then you have to give up that habit once and for all. Eating good food is also a positive response to oral yeast infection. Combine a healthy array of fruits and vegetables in your diet and some protein as well as good fats to make a well-balanced diet.

1) Oregano Oil

For topical solutions, oregano oil is very effective with oral yeast infection. Apply it directly to the infection area and notice how relieved you will feel.

2) Cinnamon Oil

Another solution that is effective in fighting against oral yeast infection is cinnamon oil. It has been tested in clinical studies to be unforgiving even to the drug-resistant strains of Candida.

3) Good Oral Hygiene

For preventive measures against oral yeast infection, always practice good oral hygiene. Avoid the use of mouthwashes or mouth sprays because they can disrupt the linings of the mouth and encourage Candida growth. Sugar-laden food products should also be kept to a minimum, as well as products that contain yeast like beer, wine and bread. Maintain a lifestyle in moderation and you will be on your way to complete freedom from oral yeast infection.

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