Yeast Infection No More Review (2020) – Leila’s Story

TLDR: Yeast Infection No More review – this is a short story on my encounter with Yeast Infection No More. I am sharing an intense experience that began with a scorching pain and ended with a home remedy that provided soothing relief to my yeast infection.

My Story

Hi there, I am Leila Smith. My ordeal with yeast infection started late that afternoon on May 2010. There was a slight tingling sensation, deep in my gut, and a dull burn between my legs. By the evening, the feeling had intensified; the lower half of my body seemed to light up with a flaring ache.

Later that night, I tossed and turned in bed, unable to sleep. The tingling had turned into a searing pain, peppered with the most maddening itch. My vaginal cavity felt like a raging forest fire, swollen and screaming to scratched.

I went to the restroom. Upon inspection, I discovered a creamy, white thrush in my underwear. Alarmed and disgusted, I Googled my symptoms. It appeared that I had just gotten my very first yeast infection at 25 years old…

The good news was that now that I had identified the problem, I could find a solution. The bad news was that it was 2:00 am and I had to suffer through the remainder of the night. I had an unbearable itch that was accompanied by a white-hot sting.

Unlike some women I knew, I got through the perils of womanhood pretty smoothly. My periods were normal, and even light-PMS was almost non-existent. I felt healthy, comfortable, and happy in my body.

I figured this first yeast infection was more like a rite-of-passage; every woman had at least once in her life, right? And considering the amount of over-the-counter medications available, I figured this would be a breeze to treat. Little did I know that this was only the beginning.

The following day, I went to my local pharmacy and picked up an ointment-based product. Created by one of the more popular store brands available, this was to be used internally, via an applicator. After three applications (which was equivalent to a three-day treatment), I had appeared to be cured.

Two months later, another infection occurred.

By the time I had turned 28, I had endured three years of regularly occurring yeast infections. I was confused and frustrated; why was this happening to me, all of a sudden?

In search of relief, I tried various medications. The symptoms from the infection seemed to flare up down there, so I assumed that was the source of the infection. As a result, I focused primarily on treating and soothing my genital area.

Over the years, I experimented with all of the well-known and well-advertised brands. I switched from an internal, three-day application treatment to a seven-day application treatment.

While I did experience some temporary comfort, the internal applications were awkward and messy. The packaging was bulky and there was an excess of plastic waste. These products were not exactly environmentally friendly.

My search for a more acceptable remedy had me rummaging drug store shelves. I came across cooling wipes and topical creams. I also tried fluconazole pills, which were to be taken orally. Oral medication scored points in the convenience department but was quite expensive to purchase.

The common denominator in all of these over-the-counter, drug store products was that they treated the symptoms but not the infection itself. If I wanted an effective home remedy for yeast infection, I would need to treat the source of the issue.

What Is Yeast Infection

In understanding the primary cause of yeast infections, I needed to do more research. This led me on a path of discovering not only why some people experience an excess growth of yeast in their body but also where in the body that this begins.

Yeast is a type of fungus that is produced in our bodies. In most cases, this is normal and not particularly harmful. In fact, our bodies require a certain amount of yeast in order to keep our systems balanced. Yeast helps to regulate our digestive system and to strengthen our immune system. It also provides us with a source of protein and trace minerals.

The problem occurs when there is an overgrowth of yeast; namely Candida. The overproduction of candida causes an imbalance that leads to issues such as bloating, brain fog, problems with digestion, and yeast infection.

It all started to become clear to me; the reason why these over-the-counter treatments weren’t working for me was, they were not addressing the overgrowth of Candida. I needed to find a home remedy for yeast infection that tackled the primary issue.

I was a little embarrassed to talk about my infections and my search for a sustainable cure. But one day over coffee, a girlfriend of mine admitted that she had been experiencing the same problem. As we bonded over our shared pain and frustration, she recommended a solution that had changed her life. And I am excited to share it here because it changed my life as well.

Introduction To Yeast Infection No More

yeast infection home remedy

My friend told me to check out Yeast Infection No More which she claimed had cured her yeast infection in less than two months. Intrigued, I reviewed the website to get more information. Sure, I was skeptical; I had tried many solutions including probiotic therapies and nothing had offered a permanent cure. But I was curious to learn how Yeast Infection No More would differ in its approach.

Upon exploring the home page, I was drawn in by the multiple success stories as I could relate to their experiences and wanted to experience the same kind of immediate relief. I learnt that Candida overgrowth manifested itself in a variety of symptoms that were unique to each individual. Regardless of their particular infection, each person was able to find success in finding a home remedy for different yeast infections.

About The Author

This comprehensive, scientific program was created by Linda Allen; a person who had actually suffered from Candida yeast infections themselves. She had a 12-year fungal overgrowth and through her own experiences, she learned how to cure the infection holistically. This is someone who understood how disruptive and aggravating these symptoms could be. I felt an instant camaraderie with Linda and I was keened to learn how this program could help me liked it helped her.

What Is Included In Yeast Infection No More

Yeast Infection No More uses a 5-step, clinically proven system that naturally treats yeast infections in as little as two months. The system is customized to suit all genders as well as to treat all forms of yeast infections, including but not limited to those that cause vaginal infections, oral thrush, digestive issues and muscle pain.

Aside from treating the infection itself, this system also explained how to cleanse the body off heavy metals, as well as information on supplements that could be taken daily to help maintaining balance and immunity.

The whole program also included three complementary books that offered supplementary reading and a private counseling session with Linda Allen herself.

Yeast Infection No More Review – Is it a SCAM?

yeast infection home remedy

Although the home page looks ‘salesy’ and ‘scammy’, I bought it out of desperation and read through half of it in one shot.  To my surprise, this program is rather comprehensive. It took me on a guided journey towards treating my yeast infection from the root of the issue. It also provided an abundance of educational material. This definitely helped to shed light on not only the symptoms but also the general nature of Candida itself.

The Pros

Unlike other products that I had tried, Yeast Infection No More actually provided free education on the issue; this information alone already made me feel validated and empowered.

Once I purchased my copy of the system, I was given access to nutritional information, such as which foods to avoid as well as the best anti-yeast foods to consume. I loved having this knowledge because they shed light on how certain foods can affect candida growth and made me feel empowered to make better nutritional choices. It also included a powerful 12-hour treatment that helped to eliminate my most aggravating symptoms.

The Cons

I believe that every treatment comes with some drawbacks and yes, Yeast Infection No More is no exception.

Yeast Infection No More is not a quick fix. This is a complete, 250-page e-book that necessitates focus and attention to detail. The reason why it works is, it cures candida overgrowth from inception but it does require the user to be proactive. This treatment will not do the work for you; you need to read through the steps, internalize the information, and follow the directions.

I did find it a bit tedious to comb through all of the details. Over-the-counter medications have an edge over this program in terms of disposable convenience. Of course; that is part of their appeal. However, I had to decide what was more important; curing my symptoms or curing my condition?

If you are someone who lacks patience or only interested in achieving superficial relief, then you may find this product demanding. However, the trade-off is life altering, if you can commit yourself to creating real change in your body.

For myself, setting time aside to read an e-book provided difficulties in the beginning but I soon found my momentum. I encourage you to invest in yourself in the process too.

My Conclusion

Like myself, I am sure you have tried multiple treatments for yeast infections without receiving much comfort; I feel your pain. And like you, I wanted a quick and easy fix. But you will never know the true relief until you experience the program. It may not be the cure for everyone, but since it works for me, I can vouch for its effectiveness. At last, there is a 30-day guarantee, so you can have your money back if it does not work for you.

Upon completing the system, I not only felt cured of my yeast infection symptoms; I also felt more educated on the overall issue of candida growth. Yeast Infection No More is unlike any other treatments that I had tried because it implements a holistic approach, and the relief is customized to the individual user.

After I got myself out of yeast infection, I had recommended Yeast Infection No More to my friends and colleagues who were also having issues with yeast infection. I have been lurking out for better deals and am glad that their promotion is still available here!

I only wish that all treatments were as comprehensive. There is nothing more powerful than being able to understand your physical ailments while curing the symptoms at the same time. Imagine how much we could learn about our bodies if we were only given the knowledge to understand where infections actually come from.